CIPTV1 now available at INE!

I’m delighted to say that after lots of round the clock effort, my 1st CCNP Collaboration course is now available from INE. Here is the trailer for CIPTV1:

This course is intended for network and voice professionals looking to further improve their knowledge or prepare themselves for the CIPTV1 exam. In this course we will be looking at CUCM and VCS Dial Plan, Voice + Video Calling, IOS Gateway, Conferencing, QoS, On Cluster Calling with CUCM and Media Resources. This course will be delivered in lecture based format with plenty of hands on practical demonstrations.

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So a little update from my side as things have been pretty quiet on the CCIE blog front…

Most of the spare time I have had has gone into preparing and recording the videos for the CCNP Collaboration Advanced Technologies v1 course for INE. It has been extremely challenging and of course time consuming. I have poured in hours and hours of round the clock effort for this project and have hit rockbottom a few times with technical issues with the lab and wanting to throw it out of the window! (The heatwave in the UK is so unbelievable that my server has been crashing due to overheating!!)

So it looks like CIPTV1 will be hitting the shelves at INE very soon (Mid August I hope) and CIPTV2 will follow soon after in September. Also CTCOLLAB and CAPPS will follow as soon as they are recorded.

CIPTV2 has certainly been the most challenging so far to produce, particularly with regards to the lab.. as getting VCS Control, Expressway, MRA etc is not the most straight forward thing to do and also various technical challenges! Got there in the end though and very happy with how things turned out.

Overall this has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, finding the time and focus, as well as trying to do the 9-5 job and live a normal and healthy life with the family. But all of the ‘smallest violin stuff’ aside, this has been a rewarding experience that has up’d my overall UC skills and has put me in a much better place for the CCIE. I am extremely proud of this journey so far and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Over and out!

Cisco Unity Connection 11.5 Upgrade Issue

All.. I recently and unexpectedly stumbled across this in one production and thought it was an interesting one to document and share.


Upgrading CUC cluster from 11.0 to 11.5.1


When attempting to switch versions, I received the following error:

‘ERROR Sync after switch version failed’

Workaround (**For me!)

Make sure that the inactive version on the Subscriber node is the SAME (11.5.1.xxxx) as the inactive version on the Publisher. This resolved the issue for me! Hope this helps.


I just wanted to take a moment to provide an update, as I know things have gone quiet recently with regards to my vBlogs and general progress for the CCIE.

So the reason behind this radio silence is a good one.. I am delighted to have accepted a position with INE as  ‘CCNP Collaboration Instructor’.

I was blown away when they offered me the position and for me this is a huge opportunity that I can’t wait to get stuck into and complete. At some point this year you will hopefully see the end product up and available on the INE website. I will be covering CIPTV1, CIPTV2, CTCOLLAB and CAPPS in the usual INE format.

So yes things will quiet down for me on this website, but I will be back don’t worry and fully intend to carry on and complete the CCIE Collaboration. 🙂