1.21 Call Flows

This topic describes the call flows in voice messaging and the purpose of the Cisco Unity Connection ports.

Leaving or Retrieving a Message

A PSTN caller dials the number 408 555-1001. The called party has set a CFA to send calls to voicemail. The call is extended to the Cisco Unity Connection system.

The user of IP phone 1001 presses the Messages button to receive the voice messages. Alternatively, the user can dial, from any phone, the voice-messaging number 408 555-2100.

Cisco Unity Connection can notify users when new messages are recorded. The Cisco Unity Connection system starts a call to the mobile phone, which requires the voicemail port to have the CSS to call the PSTN.

Additional Call-Flow Options

  • Voicemail ports can offer different functionalities, and a port can be dedicated to the following:
    1. Answer call
    2. Perform message notification
    3. Send MWI requests
    4. Allow TRAP connections
  • The voicemail port or SIP trunk CSS determines whether calls can be made, in general.

You can add new ports, per server, in an active-active Cisco Unity Connection cluster. The figure shows two ports that are dedicated for MWI dial-out (turn MWI on and MWI off) and six ports that are used to perform message notification and to answer calls so that the calls can be dropped or retrieved.

The ports can be used and dedicated to the four events that are listed in the figure.


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