Alert Properties

This topic describes how to receive notifications for defined thresholds in certain performance counters.

  • To be notified if thresholds are reached, specify an alert.
  • Right-click the performance counter and choose Alert Properties.

Right-click a performance counter graphical representation and choose Set/Alert Properties…. Enter a description and a recommended action. The severity level can be set to Emergency, Alert, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice, Informational, or Debug.

The figure shows an example in which the current call count is monitored. If the threshold is reached (that is, if more than 10 ports are used at the same time), a warning should be sent to the administrator. If this warning is being sent too often, you may need to redesign (enable or disable port functionality) the current call count options or additional ports may need to be activated to increase reachability.

  • Specify the frequency and schedule.
  • Enable email and set the alert action.

In the Frequency section of the Frequency & Schedule window, choose whether the alert should be sent every time the threshold is reached or only if the threshold is reached a certain number of times in a specified period (for example, two times in five minutes). In the Schedule section, specify nonstop monitoring or a time frame for monitoring the chosen performance counter.

When you click Next, the Email Notification window opens. You can enable email alerts or configure an alert action. The default is to log the alerts.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie