Cisco Unified RTMT

This topic describes the general monitoring capabilities of Cisco Unified RTMT in Cisco Unity Connection.

Cisco Unity Connection allows monitoring in real time:

  • Via Cisco Unified RTMT: Download the plug-in for installation.
  • System tab allows monitoring of the CPU, memory, and so on; also use performance counters and alerts.
  • Launch the Port Monitor via the Unity Connection tab.

Cisco Unified RTMT can be downloaded as a plug-in from Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The plug-in can be installed on an administrator PC. When starting the tool, enter the Cisco Unity Connection IP address, username, and password. Also enter a port number and enable a secure connection to Cisco Unity Connection.

When the tool opens, choose the Default configuration. On the left side, two tabs appear. The System tab includes the System Summary, Server, Performance, and Tools submenus. The Cisco Unity Connection tab includes the Port Monitor.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie