Cisco Unity Connection Performance Counters

This topic describes the available performance counters in Cisco Unity Connection.

To monitor Cisco Unity Connection in detail, use performance counters. Each menu has many performance counters that can be added to the performance pane.

In Cisco Unified RTMT, performance counters are grouped in menus that are specific to Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unity Connection sessions. Standard performance-counter groups also exist for database, enterprise replication, network, partitions, processor, system, TCP, and so on. These performance counters are like those used in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

The figure shows part of the list with the available Cisco Unity Connection performance-counter groups. Each performance-counter group includes a subset of settings that can be monitored. The figure shows a performance counter from CUC Phone System > Incoming Calls Total. In this example, more than 115 calls have been delivered while Cisco Unity Connection has been running.

Cisco Unity Connection Session Performance Counters

Next to the Cisco Unity Connection groups are the Cisco Unity Connection Sessions group performance counters:

As the figure shows, you can use the Cisco Unity Connection Sessions performance counters to monitor groups and items in the groups in real time.

The following example items can be monitored for Cisco Unity Connection video sessions:

  • Downgraded video calls
  • Video records
  • Video sessions

For video sessions, more than 30 performance counters are available.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie