Default System Scripts

This topic describes the default system scripts.

A number of default scripts exist in the system, including the following:

  • aa.aef: The system auto-attendant.
  • checkaltgreet.aef: The script that plays the Emergency Alternate Greeting before the system auto-attendant.
  • msgnotify.aef: The script that is used for Session Initiation Protocol endpoint MWI notification.
  • promptmgmt.aef: The script that controls the prompt management system.
  • setmwi.aef: The script that controls the MWI light (on or off).
  • voicebrowser.aef: The script that controls voicemail interaction.
  • xfermailbox.aef: The script that transfers a caller to a mailbox.

This figure shows the system scripts that are present after the installation of Cisco Unity Express. The system uses these seven default scripts to perform system functions such as MWI notifications.

To view or modify scripts, choose System > Scripts. A button is available to view or hide the system scripts. System scripts are indicated with asterisks next to their names and cannot be modified or deleted. Scripts that the administrator creates do not have asterisks next to their names and can be edited.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie