This topic describes how scripts are used in Cisco Unity Express.

  • Use Cisco Unity Express script editor to write auto-attendant scripts.
  • Customize the auto-attendant and IVR scripts:
    1. Create prompts.
    2. Receive input.
    3. Perform tasks.

Cisco Unity Express uses scripts to control call processing for applications such as the Cisco Unity Express Auto-Attendant or IVR. A script that is stored in Cisco Unity Express runs in response to a request from a user or a predetermined condition. The scripts allow callers to receive recorded audio messages and prompts for further action.

If, for example, a caller calls a business during nonbusiness hours, the caller can hear either a recorded message stating the business hours of operation or a prompt to leave a message. The message and prompt are the result of the Cisco Unity Express software running a script.


Cisco Unity Express scripts do not support database integration on skill-based routing.

Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie