Cisco Jabber Account Options

This topic describes the phone account options that Cisco Jabber presents if the service profile is configured.

Configure the Cisco Jabber options:

  • The phone accounts appear only if the user has certain Cisco Unified Communications Services configured—for example, a voicemail UC Service in the configured service profile.
  • Voicemail and conferencing profiles can share the user credentials.
  • Calendar integration can also be configured.

A Cisco Jabber option Account—for example, for voice messaging—appears only if the corresponding UC Service is configured. The Cisco Jabber menus are dynamic and show only account options for which a UC service is configured.

End users must provide the credentials in Cisco Jabber for the account that they are configuring—for example, voicemail or conferencing. In the example in the figure, a voicemail service was configured. The user must enter the Cisco Unity Connection local password if the voicemail service is imported from Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the LDAP credentials if the voicemail service is imported from the LDAP server.

For voicemail and conferencing, you can set the Credentials Source parameter so that the voicemail service can share user credentials with other services. If you want to share the voicemail service user credentials with another service, select the appropriate service from the Credentials Source list. The user credentials are automatically synchronized with the services that you select. The credentials can be entered for voicemail, conferencing, and LDAP. Other profiles are transparent to end users. In addition, the user can configure calendar integration.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie