Cisco Jabber in Softphone Mode

This topic describes Cisco Jabber in softphone mode.

  • Set the Network Connection parameters to Automatic.
  • Log in with user domain credentials.
  • Make test calls.

Start Cisco Jabber, enter the UserPrincipalName (UPN), and set the account type to Automatic. The service domain is discovered first, followed by the network services. Enter your mail address to receive the IP address of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. When Cisco Jabber tries to connect to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you must authenticate with user credentials, which in most cases are the domain username and password when LDAP integration and authentication is set up.

The figure shows the Cisco Jabber client trying to call the phone 2002 in softphone mode. You can simply enter a phone number in the search field. However, CoS applies here as well. If you did not configure a CSS for the client, you cannot make any calls. Starting a video might not be shown as an option if the client PC does not have a camera.

Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie