LDAP and Voicemail Profile Test

This topic describes how to test the LDAP server and add contacts in Cisco Jabber.

Test the LDAP profile:

  • In Cisco Jabber, enter a name in the Search field to search for a user that is located on the LDAP server.
  • In this example, search with the letter “j.”
    1. Three users are found starting with “j.”
    2. Mouse over a user and add the user to the contact list.

In Cisco Jabber, you can search for a user that is located on the LDAP server, but is not located in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, to test the LDAP profile. In this example, the search string is only one character, “j.” The search result displays three users.


The search tool of the Jabber Client searches for contacts in the locally entered repository (Jabber) or in the repository of the directory service that is configured. The results indicate in which repository the user was found—for instance, Contact and recent, or Directory


When you enter the search string, be aware that for the new LDAP queries, at least three characters are required. This means that the results to search strings one character long can include only locally defined contacts or results from previously performed queries. This can be easily verified, by adding new users either locally or at the directory. Check what the search results indicate as the source of information when entering less than three and subsequently when entering at least three characters..

Displaying these results shows you that the LDAP profile is correctly applied. Mouse over the search results and click the plus sign (+) to add the user to the contact list. When adding the first user, you must create a group—for example, Cisco. Then, you can add the user to the contact list for that group. When you add the first user, make sure that offline users are also shown in the contact list to avoid having to troubleshoot a situation where the issue does not really exist.


Cisco Jabber for Windows requires a jabber-config.xml file that includes the information that is necessary to reach the LDAP server. If you configure only the UC Service in the service profile without the jabber-config.xml file, you will not be able to search for contacts in the Microsoft Active Directory server.

Voicemail Profile Test

This topic describes how to test the voicemail profile in Cisco Jabber using the visual interface to access voice messages.

Test the voicemail profile:

  • Leave a message.
  • Receive the message with Cisco Jabber.
  • Call voicemail from Cisco Jabber.

In Cisco Jabber, the Voicemail button indicates new voice messages. In this example, there is one new voice message. Click the Voicemail button to use visual voicemail. The voice message list is shown. One new message from Jane White (2002) is shown in the figure.

Click the play message icon to listen to the voice message. If you right-click the voice message entry as shown in the figure, then you can choose to perform the following actions:

  • Place a call to 2002.
  • Chat with John.
  • Mark as read or unread; this action synchronizes the MWI.
  • Delete the message.

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