Single Provisioning Interface

This topic describes how Cisco Prime Collaboration offers a single interface to set up phones with lines, user, mailboxes, and features in one step.

  • Create a new service for a user.
  • Select an orderable product.

The figure shows the subscriber John Doe and the orderable products, for example, a new phone and others. The figure does not show all options.

For John Doe, you can configure a phone, a line, and voicemail as three separate products. Click Enhanced Endpoint Service to configure all three products in one order. Depending on the subscriber type and your configuration, this list might offer fewer or more products or features.

Coverage beyond traditional IP phones and softphones

Based on the subscriber type, you will get a list of selectable phones for a user. Administrators can select new endpoints (such as Cisco Jabber for Tablet and others) and assign telephony features, in the same way as they can for Cisco IP phones.

Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie