Call Launch Options

This topic describes the call launch options that are provided by Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS).

The table specifies the call launch options:

Call Launch Option Description
One Button to Push Conference dial-in information is automatically presented on endpoints that support OBTP.
Automatic Connect Cisco TMS automatically connects all the participants at the specified time and date.
Manual Connect At the specified time and date, the system listed as the VC master will be prompted to begin the call. The call is automatically connected when the VC master initiates the call.
No Connect This option reserves the room and generates the call route, but does not connect the route. You can start the conference with the participants in the Conference Control Center by clicking Connect.
Reservation This option reserves the room but does not initiate any connections.

OBTP can be used on the touch control, phone, or with a remote control. This option is the simplest for the user, because the user does not need to know the conference number, ID, or a PIN. The user simply selects the correct meeting, pushes one button, and is connected to the conference. After pushing the button, a call is launched to the multipoint control unit to join the conference.

With Automatic Connect, the multipoint control unit dials the endpoints and the user must answer the call to join the meeting. The default is to try three times to reach the endpoint. You can enable AutoAnswer to automatically connect the endpoint to the conference, but this approach may create “empty rooms” in your conference.

With Manual Connect and No Connect, an administrator must log in and start the meeting. With Reservation, only the room is reserved without a video endpoint.


Author: drbabbers - my personal journey to ccie