CCNA Data Center Notes – YouTube Sessions

Random notes from YouTube results for 640-911 videos….


Kevin Wallace – 1examamonth – 640-911 

Switch Fundamentals, Binary/Hex Conversions, Nexus Features…

CCNA Data Center VoD – ipexpert – Next Generation

Nexus Reload

kickstart .bin image

POST Actions – Various

Loading system software

con – min command for configure

hostname N5K1
switchname N5K2

where – where you are and who you are



‘Carrot’ shows us where the syntax error exists

Command history – up/down – CTRL-P and CTRL-N also used

exit – backs off one level
end – back off to the top

CCNA Data Center – ipexpert – VTP in NX-OS

show run all – a lot of detail! more than the running config.

CCNA Data Center – INE – Host to Host Communications

OSI Ref Model – Recap

Protocol Data Unit – PDU – Overall data that a layer creates

Encapsulation – As data moves down the OSI stack
Header added to front
Trailer added to the end

Decapsulation – As data moves up the OSI stack
Each layer removes headers/trailers

PDUs – Segments at Layer 4, Packets at Layer 3, Frames at Layer 2, Bits at Layer 1

TCP/IP Model

Application – Layer 5, 6, 7

Transport – Layer 4
Internet – Layer 3
Network Access – Layer 1 and Layer 2

CCNA Data Center – INE – Operating NX-OS

Initial boot of NX-OS

admin password
Switch Name and OOB IP Address
terminal console

Users & Roles – Recap

show user-account and show role

basic commands review

640-911 – Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN)

Notes from CBT Nuggets training for 640-911:

CCNA Data Center – 640-911 DCICN

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