Advanced Dial Plans: Calling Privileges with Class of Restriction (COR)

Calling Privileges Using Cisco Routers

  • Called Class Of Service (PBX), Class Of Control (CUCM), Class of Restriction (Voice Gateways)
  • Required in depth understanding of inbound and outbound dial-peers
  • Requires more detailed dial-peers (no 9T for PSTN)
  • Can be confusing, but becomes quite fun! :/

Manually Creating a PSTN dial plan

Emergency Calling

7 Digit Dialing

10 Digit Dialing

11 Digit Dialing




  • Restrictions implemented via COR lists
  • Incoming dial-peer assigns incoming COR list
  • Outgoing dial-peer assigns outgoing COR list
  • If the outgoing COR list is a subset of the incoming COR, the call is forwarded

4 steps to setting up COR

First define COR bubbles under COR custom

dial-peer cor custom
name 911call
name localcall
name ldcall
name international

Second, define outgoing COR lists

dial-peer cor emergency
member 911call
dial-peer cor list local
member localcall
dial-peer cor list longdis
member ldcal
dial-peer cor list international
member internatcall

Third, define incoming COR lists

dial-peer cor list LD
member 911call
member localcall
member ldcall

Fourth, assign COR to dial-peers..

Weird Rule: If a dial-peer/user/calling entity does not have an incoming COR list assigned, they can dial EVERYTHING.

Configuration example…