Advanced Dial Plans: Configuring, Applying, and Testing Digit Manipulation

Advanced Dial Plans: Configuring, Applying, and Testing Digit Manipulation

Understanding Translation Rules

  • Allow you to change CALLED (Number called IN from PSTN) or CALLING (CLI going OUT) information
  • Similar to CALLING/CALLED transformations in CUCM
  • Uses REGEX
  • Translation Rules created and placed in a profile
  • Profile assigned to nearly anything

Certain number of sub-rules that can be created per rule

Rules are applied in a Translation Profile


Translation Profiles applied to…
dial peers, voice ports, trunk groups, srst, CUCME, Source IP addresses etc…

voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /^480/ /602/
rule 2 /^9/ //

voice translation-profile TRANSLATE_CALLER_ID_OUTGOING
translate calling 1

1. Create the Translation Rule
2. Test the Translation Rules
3. Group rules into Translation Profile
4. Apply the Translation Profile


voice translation-rule 10
rule 1 /7\(…\)/ /0125547\1/

Match 7xxx replace with 0125547xxxx
*SET 1 added to 0125547

test translation-rule 10 77000

5 Digit Dialing plan example

This rule is for a CALLED number with a DDI block of 0125547xxxx

voice translation-profile OUTGOING_CALLED
translate called 10

This translation profile is then applied to the POTS dial-peer for INBOUND as the digits are coming IN.