CUCM Advanced Route Plan: Call Handling T302 and Overlapping Dial Plans

Route Plan

  • 8781

*Closest match always wins

  • T302 Timer = Interdigit Timeout. This timer is adjustable. 15 seconds between digits.
    System->Service Parameters->T302 Timer->15000ms (Help is very informative on this page)
  • Urgent Priority
  • Call Classification
  • Route Filters

‘Delayed Dialtone’

Call Routing->Route Pattern->’Provide Outside Dial Tone’

What makes the dial tone?
Rule: As soon as CUCM knows a match, a dialtone is played.

Create a specific route pattern for 999 with Urgent Priority ticked + Provide Outside Dial Tone

Call Classification with Onnet and Offnet

Route Filters (Jeremy is not a fan!)
For people that choose to use the 9.@ pattern… Excluding blah blah….
Call Routing-> Route Filters
They match a number only
Numbering Plan: _____
Route Filter Name
Doesn’t allow or deny, just matches
Clause Information

To allow or deny/apply…
Call Routing->Route Pattern
Add a new 9.@ Route Pattern
Add on Route Filter
Block This Pattern

Most specific match always wins! So the filter will win. CSS/Partitions is the preferred approach.