CUCM Advanced Route Plan: Configuring Hunt Groups

Good news! If you understand the CUCM Route Plan Fundamentals, Hunt Groups will be a piece of cake! Hunt Groups allow you to configure one number that rings to a group of people. In this Nugget, Jeremy masterfully walks through the breakdown of Hunt Pilots, Hunt Lists, and Line Groups.

Hunt Group Overview

  • Hunt Pilot
  • Hunt List
  • Line Group
  • Line

Work your way from the Line Group UP to the Hunt Pilot

‘RNA Reversion Timeout’ – 10 Seconds by default

Distribution Algorithm – Top Down, Broadcast, Longest Idle, Circular

Hunt Options

  • No Answer
  • Busy
  • N/A

Hunt Pilot

Hunt Forward Settings – ‘Maximum Hunt Timer’

After Hunt Timer expires do this…..

Forward Hunt No Answer – Destination
Forward Hunt Busy – Destination

Use Personal Preferences – Call comes in that was forwarded to the hunt pilot, their personal busy forward sends to 1000 on Reception, Reception has is busy/na, CUCM then queries what you have set for Forward No Coverage.

Forward Coverage Internal/External = Confusing!