CUCM Features: Call Back Call Park and Call Pickup

This Nugget covers three features to enhance your Cisco IP Telephony system: Call Back (notifies you when a user is available), Call Park (placing a call on hold at an assigned extension), and Call Pickup (answering another ringing phone from your own device).


If you call a user and they don’t answer, press the Callback button, as soon as they make a call and hang up, you are advised that the user is available and a speed-dial button appears to call the user back. **This feature is part of a modified softkey template**

Configure Softkey Layout -> On Hook (Cancel Callback)
Configure Softkey Layout -> Ring Out -> Callback

On the Phone itself, apply the Softkey Template.

Call Park

‘Put calls into a parking lot!’ – A call is parked to an extension number (5511 example). Receptionist sees this and advises user to dial 5511 to pickup the call. Can be dialed from any phone.

Call Routing -> Call Park -> Setup your range of DNs for parking

Hit the park button on the phone, system will park the call onto the first parking DN available.

Directed Call Park = Enables the Receptionist to transfer the call manually into a parking spot.

*Busy Lamp Field is compatible with Directed Call Park
BLF – You can add a Call Park BLF to the Phone Button Template

Retrieval Prefix = Number to collect call from

Call Pickup

Used everyday in my job! Nothing else needed here.