CUCM Features: Managing Music on Hold Resources

The name of the Nugget says it all. Come here to learn how to add Music on Hold (MOH) Audio Sources (including the Fixed Audio Source), manage unicast/multicast MOH, and assign MOH sources to IP phones and Common Configuration Profiles.


  • MoH Resource Placement (Centralized?)
  • Unicast VS Multicast – One to One and One To All (One to One – You will never start during a song, you will start at the beginning. Unicast is more resource intensive, Multicast is easier on resource. Everyone is tuning into the radio as such! 1 stream per MoH source)
  • 16 Bit PCM WAV File
  • 8,16,32,48 khz sample rates
  • MoH Configuration

SRST Gateway can be set as a MoH device

1-51 different audio sources, the 51st/last source is a fixed audio source

Media Resources -> Music On Hold Server

Maximum Half Duplex Streams – 250 (One way only)

Maximum Multicast Connection: 250000

Change Multicast IP address

Media Resources -> Music On Hold Server Audio Sources

Use Default Source, or add new file!

Once configured, go to a Phone and select MOH User and Network Hold Sources.
User Hold is when User presses Hold
Network Hold is when someone is put on Hold by any other method than the Hold button

Common Device Configuration

Device-> Devices Settings -> Common Device Configuration
Apply batch/common configuration to phones

System->Service Parameters
G.711 mulaw is default MoH CODEC, although when you upload a WAV it converts to all CODECs

QoS Values can also be set for MoH traffic! (EF DSCP is default)