CUCM Features: Presence Access Control

Once your users know they are being monitored by a SIP “watcher,” they may not be as comfortable picking up their phone. In this Nugget, you’ll learn two methods of access control for Presence: Partitions and Subscribe CSSs and Presence Policies.


1. Partition and Subscribe CSSs

Create a Subscribe CSS and assign to the phone as SUBSCRIBE CSS (Not the normal privileges CSS) This is for who you want to watch.

2. Presence Policies

If you use both methods, both of them must agree to obtain watcher privileges.

All phones by default in the standard Presence group. If you want to use this feature, then dont use the standard Presence group!

System -> Presence Group

Setup relationships between groups and then put phones in them. When you put phones in THE SAME presence group, they automatically can see each other. Allow or Disallow Subscriptions)

Assign Phone to Presence Group.

Service Parameters -> Publisher -> Subscribe (System Default = Disallowed)