CUCM Features: Understanding and Configuring Unified Mobility

Cisco Unified Mobility: simple concept, COMPLEX configuration! In this Nugget, you’ll learn about

…Cisco Mobile Connect
(aka Single Number Reach)

along with…

…Cisco Mobile Voice Access (MVA)
(Call into the phone system, then out to the PSTN with the company Caller ID)

IP Phone is single point of contact, can call out to mobile phone or other PSTN number. This eats up your trunks! Potentially 3 outgoing lines are ‘eaten’ up. Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access (MVA) Call into corporate number and place a call. Hiding your number! Configuration

  • Add Mobility Softkey – Template and Mobility Key to On Hook and Connected states **Hit softkey and it can transfer the call to your nominated number! 🙂
  • Configure End User – Enable Mobility/Enable MVA
  • Configure IP Phone – Change Softkey Template for Mobility User/Owner User ID – Look to User Profile for Mobility Section
  • Add Remote Destination Profile – (Shared Line) Device -> Device Settings -> RDP
  • Add Remote Destinations – Device Remote Destination – Individual Numbers to Associate with RDP/Shared Line *Answer Too Soon Timer/Answer Too Late Timer/Delay Before Ringing Timer *Mobile Phone = Use Softkey/Enable Mobile Connect = Allows it to ring *A schedule can also be set! 🙂
  • Configure Service Parameters/Activation -> CUMVAS – Turn on! *System-> SP -> Matching Caller ID with Remote Destination/Number of Digits for Caller ID Partial Match *Mobile Voice Access Number *Media Resources -> Mobile Voice Access Information *Outside world calls into the DDI for MVA -> Blah Blah….. An application is required on the VG for MVA *Requires a ‘service’ string on the VG – Google – Not in scope of CIPT1
  • Add Access Lists (Opt…) -Who can call you? Call Routing -> Class Of Control -> Access Control List -> Allowed/Blocked – Add End User to ACL – Filter Mask/DN Mask *Apply the ACL to the Remote Destination Configuration

Wow a lot of configuration for such a simple feature!!! :/

Notes – 210715

RDP = Virtual Phone/RDs = Virtual Lines

Add a RD to the RDP with the DN of the user

CSS for MVA Access (Call comes into Organisation, then back out with Caller ID withheld or changed)
Rerouting CSS – Affects Mobility Connect/SNR