CUCM Route Plan: Route Plan Fundamentals

What CUCM knows…

What you must configure..


WAN link connecting:

  • 2 clusters
  • An analog site with FXO

Single site communication for range 1000-2000 is all done with Publisher DB

Local site only knows about the phones you add to it, anything outside of that we need to consider Route Plan.

Route Plan Setup

  • Route Pattern
  • Route List (List of Route Group with priority)
  • Route Group – Device

*From CCNA Voice

For example to extensions 2000-2500


Route Pattern to match 2xxx (Hosted offsite via the WAN)
Hits a Route List
Hits Route Groups to send digits to VG for example

WAN often primary destination, although PSTN can be added as a secondary path. (Within Route Group)

When PSTN is used, digits are transformed into PSTN friendly digits