Partitions and CSS: Time of Day Routing

The uses are endless: routing calls to receptionists by day, voicemail by night; passing calls to the correct sales group based on timezone; blocking international calls after hours…You get the picture! By time you’re done with this Nugget, you’ll be able to solve nearly any scenario using Partitions and CSSs with Time of Day routing!


This is a concept that I have setup in the office already.

Time Schedules and Periods are setup.

Each dialing entity is duplicated in different partitions which associated Schedules and Periods defined.

For example a Translation Pattern may match and route digits to an office during the day, and OOH may send the digits to an answering service.


1. Numbers created and assigned to a partition

2. Time Schedule linked to partition dictating availablity

3. ‘Time-Based’ Partition placed in CSS, Order is extremely important!

Jeremy Example:

1001 = Receptionist – 8-5, Monday to Friday
1001 = Translation – Off Hours Evenings, Saturday and Sunday (Sent to 86551 OOH – Voicemail)

Public Holidays can be a consideration… you can achieve this with Time Periods! 🙂

Time Period = Interval Saturday all day for example or 8-5 is a ‘period’.
Time Schedule = More than 1 periods put together.

Default = ‘All the time’

Time Schedule is attached to the Partition

Create CSS and associated to Out Of Hours Partition
Within the Gateway, Call Routing Information – Inbound Calls add this CSS