Partitions and CSS: Voice Gateways – Call Forwarding and PLAR

WARNING: Do not implement Partitions and CSSs without watching this Nugget first – you WILL cause a complete shutdown of your trunk connections! Why? Because Partitions and CSSs impact gateways and trunks in the same way they do phones. Tune in here to find out what you need to do. In addition, Jeremy discusses the Partition and CSS impact on call forwarding restrictions as well as how to implement Private Line Automatic Ringdown (PLAR – aka “The Batphone”).


How Partitions and CSS affect Voice Gateways?

Using CSS with call forward settings

Creating PLAR devices with Partitions and CSS (Auto-Registration)


  • Set to a CSS that has ALL devices normally.
  • Assign the Voice Gateways to a CSS. (Determines inbound call privileges)
  • A CSS must be assigned to any Call Forward settings under a Directory Number with the appropriate permissions
  • PLAR is the same concept as the Batphone from Batman! You pick up the handset and it automatically dials a number. Create a Partition for PLAR and add a Translation Pattern that is blank but contains a Called Party Transform Mask of 1004. Create a CSS for PLAR with the PLAR Partition. Assign the CSS to a phone to be automatically dialed.