CIPT2 – Multisite Connections: Implementing H.323 and MGCP Gateway Connections

Multisite Connections: Implementing H.323 and MGCP Gateway Connections


H.323 dial peer recap

-FXS attached analog phone – Extension 2000
-Add a dial peer for 1… and send to CUCM

Add H.323 Gateway to CUCM
-IP Address or DNS Name
-Device Pool

Add Route Pattern
-Send straight to Gateway from Route Pattern
-Debug on Gateway (debug voip dialpeer)


-Add to CUCM
-Device Name = Hostname of Router
-Add slot/vic/controller to Router
-‘sh diag’ on the Gateway to grab the specific controller that you will add to the Router

Gateway MGCP Cfg

ccm-manager config server CUCMIP
ccm-manager config

-2 commands required as a minimum.
-The other ccm-manager commands are then populated from downloaded configuration.

-MGCP Fallback required for redundancy purposes