15.9 Configuration of Number and Pattern Exchange

This topic describes how to configure the exchange of numbers and patterns.

Existing call-routing configuration is assumed:

  • Route groups and route lists (optional)
  • SIP profiles (optional)
  • SIP trunks
  • SIP route patterns

Configure GDPR for numbered call-routing information:

  1. Enable GDPR via ILS.
  2. Configure a globally unique route string.
  3. Enable or disable ILS advertisement per directory number.
  4. Configure ILS advertisement of patterns.
  5. Manage learned patterns and numbers:
    1. Block learned patterns.
    2. Set the partitions to apply to learned patterns and numbers.
    3. Configure learned patterns and numbers as urgent.

GDPR = Global Dial Plan Replication; SIP = Session Initiation Protocol

The figure shows the steps that are involved in implementing number and pattern synchronization over ILS.