CIPTV2 – Cisco Unified Mobility – Mobile Connect

Mobile Connect = Single Number Reach


HQ-Phone2 will be set to use Mobile Connect, so that when calls to 2002 are made, they will also ring another remote destination on the PSTN lab phone.

  1. Enable Mobility Softkey on HQ-Phone2 (Edit OnHook and Connected states)
  2. Setup a Remote Destination Profile
  3. Add a Line of the DN in Question – \+12012012002 and associate to the Remote Destination Profile
  4. Setup a Remote Destination within the profile to ring the required destination. In this example it is a PSTN destination of +14087071222

When an inbound call is made to the Line of HQ-Phone2, both the phone and the PSTN line will now ring with the default configuration.

If the call is answered on the PSTN phone, it can be resumed on HQ-Phone2, by simply dropping the call on the PSTN phone and then hitting the Resume softkey on HQ-Phone2.

Thats it!

Here are a couple of screenshots: