CIPTV2 – How to setup SRST with MGCP Fallback – Part 3

Ok so outbound calls… well my home PSTN network isn’t the real world… so what I did is setup a dial-peer on the SRST router to enable outbound calls to 911. (Which is a line on my PSTN Phone)

Added this dial-peer to the SRST Router:

dial-peer voice 2 pots
 description PSTN Calls
 destination-pattern 911
 no digit-strip
 port 0/0/0:15

…and Bingo!! Calls are being sent via the E1 interface to my PSTN router and I am able to ring the line of this handset via the PSTN whilst in SRST mode.

So in summary.. This is a very simple SRST configuration…

  • The WAN goes down and my phone goes into SRST Mode.
  • People can call the SRST phone via the ‘Call Forward Unregistered’ setting in CUCMon the line of the SRST phone, which is set to forward to the PSTN line.
  • Call comes into the SRST Gateway via the PSTN
  • Inbound Dial-Peer matches all OK
  • Phone rings!
  • Phone can make outbound calls to the PSTN

I would like to follow this up with more of a real world example soon.