Cisco Unity Connection + CUCM Integration (SIP + SCCP)


  1. Setup Message Waiting Indicator On/Off (DN range for MWI)
  2. Add Voicemail Ports via Wizard (2 for Demo) (DN range for Ports)
  3. Create Line Group – VMGroup -> Add VMPort DNs
  4. Create supporting Hunt List and attach to Line Group (For VM Usage)
  5. Create Hunt Pilot and attach to Hunt List (In VM DN range)
  6. Create VM Pilot (Same as Hunt Number) (Binds the Voicemail button the handset to dial the VM Pilot)
  7. Create Voicemail Profile (To assign to the DN on the phone)


  1. Telephony Integreations -> Phone System -> Add New
  2. Port Group -> New -> SCCP or SIP -> Device Name Prefix must match. MWI Ports also set here. IP Address of CUCM Publisher.
  3. Ports -> Add New -> 2 (Demo) Names must match!
  4. Upon completion, the VM Ports in CUCM will register!