CME: Base Configuration

Switch Configuration: PoE Voice VLAN

Router Cfg: NTP, DHCP, Firmware (SCCP or SIP – Skinny is IPX/SPX of modern world and SIP is the TCP/IP equivalent)

CME configuration: Source Address, Max-ephones, max-dns “others”


PoE verify – ‘show power inline’

Power is negotiated during CDP phase of boot

power inline auto
power inline never

Firmware to live in the flash of the CME router
copy firmware to flash, then make tftp-server using ‘tftp-server flash:filename’

CME Configuration

‘telephony-service’ – Home of all CME commands for SCCP:

3 major commands to get started with a base configuration:

ip source-address ? (What IP is used to accept phone registrations)
max-ephones ? (Max phones to support)
max-dn ? (Max DN to support)
load 7960 ? (Desired firmware version)
create cnf-files (Create configuration files)
keepalive (How often does the phone check in?)

Everything here is in relation to SCCP..

Parallel configuration for SIP based clients with CME..

‘voice service voip’ – Home of all CME commands for SIP:

allow-connections sip to sip
registrar server
bind all source-interface vlan 100

voice register global
mode cme
max-pool (Max SIP registrations)
max-dn (Max SIP DN)