CME: Ephones and Ephone-DNs, Part 1

Describing + configuring Ephones and Ephone-DN

Ephone-DNs represent Directory Numbers

2 Flavours:

Single Line

  • Only able to handle a single active call at a time
  • If on active call, incoming call receives a busy signal

Dual Line

  • Handles 2 simultaneous calls
  • Necessary for call waiting, conference calling and consultative transfers

Understanding Ephones

  • Ephones are representations of Cisco IP Phones
  • Are linked to the device by MAC address
  • Printed on the box of Cisco IP Phone
  • Printed on the back of the Cisco IP Phone
  • From the Settings > Network cfg on the IP Phone
  • Show in CDP


1. Create Ephone-DNs

2. Create Ephones

3. Associate ephones and ephone-dns using the mystical ‘button’ command

Auto-Registration by default with CME

ephone-dn 1 ? (<cr> = Single Line, dual-line, octo-line)
number 1110

show ephone – All auto reg info is in memory and is lost on reboot

ephone 1
mac-address (Takes mac-address from Auto-Reg and makes permanent in running-config)

button command = line number:DN

Phone must be restarted and reset after any changes are made..
Restart = warm boot
Reset = All the way!