CME: IP Phones – VLANs and Communication

Beginning With The Vision..

Switch Key Roles:

  • PoE – Cisco Inline Power was original/proprietary – 802.3af – 15.4Watts – 802.3AT – 25Watts
  • Voice VLAN (Security and QoS reasons)
  • QoS (Voice above Data)

Cisco IP Phone Characteristics

  • Single line to Multi Line
  • XML Application Support
  • Built-in switch (Watch for Gigabit)
  • Color/Touchscreen
  • Video Support
  • Conference Stations
  • ATA Adapters
  • IP Communicator

Cisco IP Phone Boot Process

1. Cisco switch detects PoE capabilities

2. Switch sends voice VLAN via CDP

3. IP Phone receives DHCP request including Option 150

4. IP Phone contacts TFTP server and receives cfg file (SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml) SEP = ‘Selsius Ethernet Phone’

5. IP Phone registers with CME router