CME: SIP Phones Ephone Types Codecs and Verification

Supporting SIP devices in CME

  • SCCP vs SIP
  • Key Commands:
  1. voice service voip (big-picture voip control)
  2. voice register global (similar to telephony-service)
  3. voice register dn (similar to ephone-dn)
  4. voice register pool (similar to ephone)

SIP Extensions = Add ons

SCCP just works… Use SIP for vendor to vendor communication or SIP trunking.

Jeremy advice.. use SCCP for phones!

Ephone Phone Templates (SCCP), CODEC Options and Verification

SCCP phone type templates (ephone-type ? – Add new phones to the system)

SCCP preferred CODEC

G711 ulaw = default codec
codec ?


on-phone: VLAN, IP, TFTP, Firmware, Phone Restart, Reset, Hard Reset
debug tftp events
show ephone
show voice register all (SIP)
debug ephone register (SCCP)
debug voice register events (SIP)