TVOICE – Multisite Dial Plan- SRST CUCME and MGCP Fallback Configuration

Intro… The first step in helping your IP Phones defy death is to configure the CUCM server appropriately. In this Nugget, Jeremy discusses the SRST Reference, Device Pool, and Call Forward Unregistered (CFUR) configuration. 

SRST/MGCP Fallback Configuration

CUCM pieces:

  • SRST Reference (Delivered to IP Phone via Device Pool Cfg)
  • Device Pool
  • Call Forward Unregistered (CFUR) – Applied at a LINE level under Call Forward settings.

The Router Pieces:

  • Base Configuration
  • MGCP Fall Configuration
  • PSTN Dial Plan
  • DNIS and ANI Number Modification (CVOICE)
  • COR Lists (CVOICE)