Dial Peers: End-to-End Practical Scenario





FXO Dial Peers

Outbound Dial Peers:

10 Digit Local Calls – 9[^1]……..
11 Digit Long Distance – 91………
International – 9011T
Emergency – 911

‘forward-digits’ – Apply to POTS dial-peers as digits are stripped that are explicit

‘forward-digits ‘- Number of digits from right hand side – all 11 digits up to the 9 and strip the 9

Inbound from PSTN

Private Line Automatic Ringdown – 1101 to dial 1102 as soon as I lift the handset:
voice-port 0/0/0
connection plar 1102

‘show voice call summary’ – CODEC is shown G729 = default

‘show voice call status’

‘show voice call’

‘show call active voice’ – Lots of detail…

Under dial-peer you can specify the CODEC to be used..