Dial Peers: Overlapping, Hunting, and Basic Manipulation

Overlapping Dial Plans

dial-peer voice 1 POTS
destination-pattern 7770123
port 1/0

dial-peer voice 2 POTS
destination-pattern 777012.

dial-peer voice 3 POTS
destination-pattern 770[1-2]..
port 3/0

dial-peer voice 4 POTS
destination-pattern .T
port 4/0

Most specific dial-peer wins…

If there is a tie however, ‘global hunting options’…

dial-peer hunt ?
0 = Default
0-7 of different options

Hunt Groups

  • Allows you to hunt through multiple dial-peers
  • More accurately called a rotary group
  • Hunt Group commands:

Preference (Lower number preferred)
Dial-peer hunt

Digit Manipulation Commands

  • Forward Digits (Right most digits)
  • Prefix (Add digits on!)
  • Num-exp (Change numbers that are dialed)
  • Translation Rule

VOIP dial-peer with pref 1
POTS dial-peer with pref 2 +:

no digit-strip – disable digit stripping within dial-peer
prefix – 9602555

Gives us failover = Amazing!

num-exp 911 1102

Advanced approach to all of this is using Translation Rules.

**PSTN Carrier can strip digits as they present the DDIs to your ISDN circuit**

Translation Rules can lock this down to certain dial peers and also change CLI etc… Lots of features!!