TVOICE- Multisite Dial Plan- SRST CUCME and MGCP Fallback Configuration – Part 2

Intro…Once you’ve configured your CUCM server for SRST, it’s time to focus on the router itself. This Nugget dives into IOS-based call-manager-fallback configuration. Topics include base configuration, MGCP fallback, dial-peers, translation-rules, and translation-profiles. 

Base Configuration

call-manager-fallback – Base SRST command!
ip source-address
max-ephones 12 (Licensed and hardware dependant)
max-dn 24 (Licensed and hardware dependant)
*max-dn 24 dual-line
*limit-dn 7970 2 (Limit model of phone to DNs)
keepalive 60

MGCP Fallback Configuration

call application alternate default (12.3 or earlier)
application – ENTER (New way)
service alternate default

Fallback to H.323 Dial-Peers if UCM is unavailable

PSTN Dial Plan

dial-peer voice 9 voip
destination-pattern 9[2-9]………
session target ipv4:
codec g711ulaw

DNIS and ANI Number Modification

Lets prepare the digits to be able to route via the PSTN.

Translation Rule/Profile – See CVOICE!!