Telepresence Server/Conductor + TMS Deployment

Telepresence Server

  • Add new user to TPS for Conductor purposes
  • API Access


More cfg than TPS!

  • Maintenance + Option Keys – add release keys
  • Users -> Admin Accounts
  • Add account for CUCM purposes to add conf bridge later
  • Add new IPs for adhoc and rendezvous meetings
  • Restart Conductor
  • Add conf bridge pool (TP MCU or TPS)
  • Bridge pool contains conf bridges
  • Create conf bridge with credentials from TPS server (Above)
  • Service Preferences (Ordered list of bridge pools)
  • Conference Template – sets parameters of conference
  • Create one for adhoc and one rendezvous
  • Add conference alias – point to conference template
  • Add a location (Puts it all together!)


Now we go to CUCM….

  • Add a SIP Trunk with a Route Patterns to send conf bridges to Conductor
  • 1 for Adhoc and 1 for Rendezvous
  • Add conf bridge to CUCM – type is Conductor!
  • Use the SIP Trunk for either Adhoc or Conductor
  • Add credentials we added from Conductor
  • Now we need to add the CFB to a MRG and MRGL



  • Add a new admin account to Conductor for TMS purposes
  • CMR requires TMS PE to be installed and licenses
  • 14.4 TMS to see CMR
  • Add Conductor to TMS