TVOICE – IOS Gateway Debugging

TVOICE – IOS Gateway Debugging


show: dialplan number

debug: cch323 all, h225 asn, h225 a931, vtsp, dsp

(cc = call control)

H.323 Recap:


show: sip-ua status, sip-ua register status

debug ccsip: messages, error, all


show: ccm-manager, mgcp endpoint, mgcp statistic, connection

debug mgcp: error, packet, state

debug ccm-manager events

30% of CCIE Lab = Troubleshooting!

Conditional IOS Debugging

  • carrier-id (can tag traffic as coming from/to)

-voice source group (found in) (subnets can be set and then the carrier-id tag references the voice source group)

-trunk group (found in) (digital and analog circuits)

  • call filter match-list 1 voice

-outgoing called-number 2065015111

  • debug condition (run against match list)
  • run your debug


‘debug vpm sig’ – FXO

‘debug voip ccapi inout’ This debug is useful anytime a voice call traverses a gateway.  It’s our call control API debug, and is the bread and butter of troubleshooting IOS call routing, disconnects, etc.