TVOICE – SAF and CCD- Configuring SAF and CCD

Intro…SAF and CCD configuration…there’s a LOT to it! In this Nugget, Jeremy breaks down the configuration of SAF and CCD into three sub-sections: the Configuring SAF Forwarder, Configuring CUCM as an External SAF Client, and Configuring a SAF Internal Client.


  • Configuring SAF Forwarders
  • Configuring CUCM as a SAF Client (External)
  • Configuring Internal SAF Clients

Configuring the SAF Forwarder

interface loopback1
ip address

router eigrp SAF

service-family ipv4 autonomous-system 1 (MUST AGREE ON ALL SAF PEERS)
sf-interface Loopback1
topology base

service-family external-client listen ipv4 5050 (TCP)
external-client CUCM1
username SAFUSER

CUCM Components

1. SAF Security Profile

2. SAF Forwarder (Client Label must match!)

3. Hosted DN Group (What do you want to advertise??/ToDID)
4. Hosted DN Pattern

5. SAF Trunk (Virtual trunk for numbers that are sent/recd – SIP Trunk with CCD)

6. CCD Advertising Service (Combine Trunk and Patterns)

7. CCD Requesting Service and Partition (Create a CCD Partition for learned patterns. Make available using a CSS)

8. CCD Blocked Learned Patterns (Optional)

9. CCD Feature Parameters (Optional) (Tune/tweak)

You wont see the patterns you receive in the UCM GUI.
You have to use RTMT to view SAF learned patterns!

Configuring an Internal SAF Client (Voice Gateway Hosts DNs and also participate in SAF – Forwarder and Client)

voice service saf
profile trunk-route 1
session protocol sip interface loopback0 transport tcp port 5060

profile dn-block 1 alias-prefix 1480555
pattern 1 type extension 2XXX

profile callcontrol 1
trunk-route 1
dn-block 1

channel 1 vrouter SAF asystem 1 (Match SAF AS Name)
subscribe callcontrol wildcarded
publish callcontrol 1

dial-peer voice 2045 voip
destination-pattern .T
session target saf

Other SAF/CCD Considerations

  • Monitoring SAF Routes use RTMT
  • Monitoring SAF routes in IOS ‘show voice saf dndb all’
  • Be sure to set AAR CCS for CCD PSTN Backup
  • SRST Router learns routes via SAF, transforms them using ToDID
  • All CCD routes go into a single partition, be careful where this partition is placed in the CSS
  • H.323 trunks strip the + symbol (Interfering with global call routing)