TVOICE – UCM Traces + Alarms: Demo Part 1

TVOICE – UCM Traces + Alarms: Demo Part 1

This training video was focused on Cisco Unified Serviceability and RTMT.


Tools -> Serviceability Reports Archive

From here we can retrieve ‘stats’ about our cluster. The stats are in PDF format and example reports are: Alerts, Devices, Performance, Call Activities, CPU etc…)

Very quick and useful information…

To enable traces in Serviceability

Trace -> CM Services -> Cisco CallManager



RTMT itself is installed from UCM under Application -> Plugins for Windows and Linux


When running RTMT, we can point this directly to any UCM node including the Publisher.

We need to check that the following network service is running in Serviceability to use RTMT:

Control Centre -> Network Services -> Serviceability RTMT + RTMT Reports Servlet

Also all System Services

*RIS Data Collector was mentioned, this service is relevant when an endpoint is showing as Registered, yet in CUCM it doesn’t. Restart this service and this should resolve the issue.


Traces contain A LOT of information. The best way to learn is to setup a lab, make some calls and then check the traces.

*DRF Local = For Disaster Recovery. This seems to be in a broken state on a new lab cluster.


Split into the following areas:



-Analysis Manager

*This video will not cover all of RTMT. There are more lab demos to follow.


Server – CPU and Memory, Processes, Disk Usage, Critical Services

Performance – Performance – Performance Log Viewer – (Node/Instance -> Class -> Counter) For example with this feature we can monitor MRG to determine if any MRG resources are being exhausted and therefore out of resources such as MTP or Conferencing. Perfmon is a powerful feature of RTMT, counters can be setup and alerts/alarms can be setup as SMTP notifications also with severities. We can also monitor normal behaviour in the system. Definitely one for the lab!!

Tools – Alert Central, Trace + Log Central, Job Status, SyslogViewer, VLT (Not completely covered in this video, most of the focus was around Perfmon)

Alert Central – System/CallManager/Custom

Alarm Definitions can be looked up in Serviceability.

Alerts can be created from counters.

More to follow in the Part 2 demo lab…