TVOICE – UCM Traces + Alarms: Demo Part 3

This video concentrated again around RTMT. The specific focus was all around ‘Trace and Log Central’. In particular the Real Time Trace feature with ‘View Real Time Data’. Most of the video was spent around setting up a SDI trace on UCM for the CallManager service with SIP and MGCP call setup. This highlighted a training point for me around SIP and MGCP basics, I found a couple of good URLs to remind me of call setup with both SIP and MGCP:



I have installed RTMT within my UCM home lab now also to have a ‘hands on’ experience. If Im honest this video was a bit of a snorefest… if this is what is expected in the exam then I will do further reading and also practicals with RTMT Real Time Trace and also recapping on call setup with SIP and MGCP. Also whilst we are at it why not H.323: