Voice Protocols: MGCP

MGCP Architecture

  • Second Generation Protocol (SGCP was first)
  • Plain-text protocol UDP port 2427 (RECEIVE)/Port 2727 (SEND)
  • Uses a Slave/Master Control Model with a ‘Call Agent’ (Cfg exists on CUCM)
  • Supports a centralised dial-plan on CUCM
  • Support QSIG for for working with PBX systems

MGCP Call Flow

  • Notification Request (RQNT)
  • Notify (NTFY)
  • Create Connection (CRCX)
  • Modify Connection (MDCX)
  • Delete Connection (DLCX)

MGCP Gateway Configuration

ccm-manager mgcp (global)
mgcp (global)
mgcp call-agent <ip> service-type mgcp
application/service MGCPAPP (dial-peer…associate POTS ports to MGCP)
ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-24 type none service mgcp (T1 controller controlled by MGCP)