Cisco Unity Connection 11.5 Upgrade Issue

All.. I recently and unexpectedly stumbled across this in one production and thought it was an interesting one to document and share.


Upgrading CUC cluster from 11.0 to 11.5.1


When attempting to switch versions, I received the following error:

‘ERROR Sync after switch version failed’

Workaround (**For me!)

Make sure that the inactive version on the Subscriber node is the SAME (11.5.1.xxxx) as the inactive version on the Publisher. This resolved the issue for me! Hope this helps.

Communications Manager RTMT Trace Locations in CLI

Communications Manager RTMT Trace Locations in CLI

Communications Manager offers the Real Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) to simplify trace collection.  RTMT provides a list of logical names.  Selecting a service name collects traces for that service from a specified location in the underlying file system.  Sometimes it is helpful to find the files directly.  This is necessary for any CLI activity. This document maps the RTMT check boxes to CLI based file specifications.  Trace files and locations may vary by version.

For UCM Version 11 see this document: CUCM 11.0.1 RTMT Trace Locations in CLI

Communications Manager 8.5(1) RTMT Check Boxes to CLI Paths

Cisco CallManager Cisco IP Phone Services

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmcip/log4j/ccmcip.log

Cisco WebDialer Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/webdialer/log4j/webdialer.log

activelog tomcat/logs/webdialer/log4j/webdialer_CTIClient.txt

activelog tomcat/logs/webdialer/log4j/webdialer_Security.txt

Cisco CTL Provider

activelog cm/trace/ctlprovider/sdi/ctlprovider.txt

Cisco Change Credential Application

activelog tomcat/logs/changecredential/log4j/changepin.log

Cisco Extension Mobility Application

activelog tomcat/logs/em/log4j/emapp.log

Cisco CallManager SNMP Service

activelog cm/trace/ccmmib/sdi/CcmMibAgent.txt

Cisco Bulk Provisioning Service

activelog cm/trace/bps/log4j/bps.log

Cisco Certificate Authority Proxy Function

activelog cm/trace/capf/sdi/capf.txt

Cisco CAR Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/car/log4j/car.log

SOAP – Diagnostic Portal Database Service

activelog tomcat/logs/dp/log4j/dp.log

Cisco CDR Repository Manager

activelog cm/trace/cdrrep/log4j/cdrrepmgr.log

Cisco CDR files on CM server

activelog cm/cdr/

Cisco Extended Functions

activelog cm/trace/cef/sdi/cef.txt

Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App

activelog cm/trace/cms/sdi/cms.txt

Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access Service

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmivr/log4j/ccmivr.log

Cisco Extended Functions Report

activelog cm/log/cef/xml/qrt.xml

Cisco CDR files on Publisher Processed

activelog cm/cdr_repository/processed/

Cisco Messaging Interface

activelog cm/trace/cmi/sdl

activelog cm/trace/cmi/sdi/csumi.txt

Cisco Tftp

activelog cm/trace/ctftp/sdi/ctftp.txt

Cisco CDR Agent

activelog cm/trace/cdragent/log4j/cdragent.log

Cisco DHCP Monitor Service

activelog cm/trace/dhcpmon/log4j/dhcpmon.log

Cisco License Manager

activelog cm/trace/licensing/log4j/licensing*.log

activelog cm/trace/licensing/postinstall/log4j/licensepostinstall*.log

activelog cm/trace/licensing/log4j/licenseclient*.log

activelog tomcat/logs/licensing/log4j/licenseloader*.log

Cisco IP Manager Assistant

activelog tomcat/logs/ipma/log4j/ipma_ChangeLog.log

activelog tomcat/logs/ipma/log4j/service.log

activelog tomcat/logs/ipma/log4j/ipma_CtiClient.log

activelog tomcat/logs/ipma/log4j/ipma_Security.log

Cisco Trust Verification Service

activelog cm/trace/tvs/sdi/tvs.txt

Cisco TAPS Service

activelog cm/trace/taps/log4j/taps.log

activelog cm/log/taps/Taps

Cisco CAR Scheduler

activelog cm/trace/carsch/log4j/carsch.log

Cisco CTIManager

activelog cm/trace/cti/sdl/SDL.txt

activelog cm/trace/cti/sdi/cti.txt

Cisco Dialed Number Analyzer

activelog tomcat/logs/dna/Results

activelog tomcat/logs/dna/log4j/dna.log

Cisco Extension Mobility

activelog tomcat/logs/em/log4j/emservice.log

Cisco CallManager

activelog cm/trace/ccm/sdl/SDL.*

activelog cm/trace/ccm/calllogs/calllogs_.txt

activelog cm/trace/ccm/sdi/ccm.txt

Cisco Dialed Number Analyzer Server

Cisco CAR DB

Cisco CCMUser Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmuser/log4j/ccmuser.log

Cisco SOAP Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/soap/csv/*.csv

activelog tomcat/logs/soap/log4j/soap.log

Cisco Role-based Security

activelog tomcat/logs/rbs/log4j/rbsaccess.log

Cisco RIS Data Collector

activelog cm/trace/ris/sdi/ris.txt

UDS – User Data Services

activelog tomcat/logs/cucm-uds/log4j/cucm-uds.log

Cisco Syslog Agent

activelog cm/trace/syslogmib/sdi/syslogmib.txt

Cisco Serviceability Reporter ServiceReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/ServiceRep/

Cisco AMC Service ServiceLog

activelog cm/log/amc/ServiceLog/

Cisco AMC Service PPRLog

activelog cm/log/amc/PPRLog/

Cisco DRF Local

activelog platform/drf/trace/drfLA.log

Cisco Corefile Recovery Tool

activelog cm/trace/cfrt/cfrt.txt

Cisco Unified OS Admin Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/cmplatform/log4j/cmplatform.log

Cisco UXL Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/uxl/log4j/UXL.log

Cisco Serviceability Reporter ServerReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/ServerRep/

Cisco Log Partition Monitoring Tool

activelog cm/trace/lpm/sdi/lpm.txt

Cisco DRF Master

activelog platform/drf/trace/drfMA.log

activelog platform/drf/log/*

Cisco CCMRealm Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmrealm/log4j/ccmrealm.log

Cisco CCMService Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmservice/log4j/ccmservice.log

Cisco Unified OS Platform API

activelog tomcat/logs/platform-api/log4j/platform-api.log

Cisco GRT Communication Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/grt/log4j/grt.log

Cisco Database Library Trace

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/dbl*.log

Cisco RTMT Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/rtmt/log4j/rtmt.log

Cisco Database Installation Service

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/*.sql.log

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/installdb*.log

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/installdb*.log.err

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/*.sql.log.err

Cisco AMC Service AlertLog

activelog cm/log/amc/AlertLog/

Cisco AMC Service CallLog

activelog cm/log/amc/CallLog/

Cisco CCM NCS Web Library

activelog tomcat/logs/ncs/log4j/ncs.log

Cisco Serviceability Reporter DeviceReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/DeviceRep/

Cisco Informix Database Service

activelog cm/log/informix/shmem*

activelog cm/log/informix/*.log

activelog cm/log/informix/*.gz

activelog cm/log/informix/af*

Cisco WebDialerRedirector Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/redirector/log4j/redirector.log

Cisco DirSync

activelog cm/trace/dirsync/log4j/dirsync.log

Cisco Database Notification Service

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/dbnotify*

Cisco AMC Service DeviceLog

activelog cm/log/amc/DeviceLog/

Cisco Stored Procedure Trace

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/spltrace*

Cisco Audit Event Service

activelog cm/trace/auditlog/sdi/audittrace.txt

Cisco Database Replicator Trace

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/replication_scripts_output.log

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/startrpc.log

activelog cm/trace/dbl/dbl_repl*.log

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/dblrpc.*

Cisco Serviceability Reporter

activelog cm/trace/rtmtreporter/log4j/rtmtreporter.log

Cisco Database Layer Monitor

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/dbmon.txt

activelog cm/trace/dbl/sdi/.csv

Cisco AXL Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/axl/log4j/axl.log

Cisco Audio Translator App

activelog cm/trace/cms/sdi/at.txt

Cisco Unified Reporting Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/cucreports/log4j/cucreports.log

Cisco Abort Transaction Spooling

activelog cm/log/informix/ats/*.*

Cisco Database Cli Output

activelog cm/trace/dbl/*.tar

activelog cm/trace/dbl/*.csv

activelog cm/trace/dbl/*.out

Cisco Common User Interface

activelog tomcat/logs/cui/log4j/cui.log

Cisco RisBean Library

activelog tomcat/logs/risbean/log4j/risbean.log

Cisco Serviceability Reporter PPRReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/PerformanceRep/

Cisco CCMAdmin Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/ccmadmin/log4j/ccmadmin.log

Cisco CDP

activelog cm/trace/cdp/sdi/cdpd.txt

Cisco RIS Data Collector PerfMonLog

activelog cm/log/ris/csv/PerfMon.csv

Cisco AMC Service

activelog cm/trace/amc/log4j/amc.log

Cisco Row Information Spooling

activelog cm/log/informix/ris/*.*

Cisco Serviceability Reporter CallActivitiesReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/CallActivitiesRep/

Cisco Tomcat Stats Servlet

activelog tomcat/logs/tomcatstats/log4j/tomcatstats.log

Cisco Trace Collection Service

activelog cm/trace/tct/log4j/tct.log

Cisco CCM DBL Web Library

activelog tomcat/logs/dbl/log4j/dbl.log

Cisco Serviceability Reporter AlertReport

activelog cm/report/rtmtreporter/AlertRep/

Cisco CCM PD Web Service

activelog tomcat/logs/pd/log4j/pd.log

Cisco CDP Agent

activelog cm/trace/cdpmib/sdi/CdpMIBSubAgtLog.txt

Cisco SOAPMessage Service

activelog tomcat/logs/soapmessage/log4j/soapmessage.log

Cisco AMC Service ServerLog

activelog cm/log/amc/ServerLog/

Cisco Log4jinit Servlet

activelog tomcat/logs/log4jinit/log4j/log4jinit.log

A Cisco DB

A Cisco DB Replicator

SNMP Master Agent

activelog platform/snmp/snmpdm/*.*

MIB2 Agent

activelog platform/snmp/mib2agt/*.*

Host Resources Agent

activelog platform/snmp/hostagt/*.*

System Application Agent

activelog platform/snmp/sappagt/*.*

Cisco Certificate Expiry Monitor

Cisco Certificate Change Notification

Cisco Tomcat

activelog tomcat/logs/catalina*.*

activelog tomcat/logs/host-manager.*

activelog tomcat/logs/admin.*

activelog tomcat/logs/diagnostic-memory.*

activelog tomcat/logs/diagnostic-info.*

activelog tomcat/logs/localhost_access*.txt

activelog tomcat/logs/manager.*

activelog tomcat/logs/diagnostic-threads.*

activelog tomcat/logs/*.hprof

activelog tomcat/logs/localhost*.log

Prog Logs

activelog cm/trace/ccm/Proglogs/*.*

activelog cm/trace/cti/Proglogs/*.*

Service Manager

activelog platform/log/servm*.log

Event Viewer-Application Log

activelog syslog/CiscoSyslog*

activelog syslog/AlternateSyslog*

Event Viewer-System Log

activelog syslog/messages*

Boot Logs

activelog syslog/boot.*

Install and Upgrade Logs

install *.log

Security Logs

activelog syslog/secure.*

Cisco Security Agent

activelog syslog/securitylog*.*

activelog syslog/csalog*.*

Cisco Tomcat Security Logs

activelog tomcat/logs/security/log4j/security*.*

IPT Platform GUI Logs

activelog tomcat/logs/iptplatform/log4j/iptplatform*.*

IPT Platform CertMgr Logs

activelog platform/log/certMgmt*.log

IPT Platform IPSecMgmt Logs

activelog platform/log/ipsecMgmt*.log

IPT Platform Cluster Manager Logs

activelog platform/log/clustermgr*

IPT Platform CLI Logs

activelog platform/log/cli*.log

activelog platform/log/dbl*.log

IPT Platform CLI Created Reports

activelog platform/log/SystemReport-*.tgz

activelog platform/log/platformConfig-*.tar

activelog syslog/csa-diagnostics.tar.gz

Packet Capture Logs

activelog platform/cli/*.cap

IPT Platform RemoteSupport Logs

activelog platform/log/getflag*

activelog platform/log/create*

activelog platform/log/remote*

activelog platform/log/display*

activelog platform/log/decoder*

IPT Platform Cert Monitor Logs

activelog platform/log/certm*.log

Install File Signing

activelog platform/log/authenticate*.*

CMA Healthd

Spooler Logs

activelog syslog/spooler.*

Mgetty Logs

activelog mgetty/mgetty*.*

Mail Logs

activelog syslog/maillog.*

Cron Logs

activelog syslog/cron.*

SAR Logs

activelog sa/sar*

NTP Logs

activelog syslog/sd_ntp.*

activelog syslog/ntp_one_shot.*

activelog syslog/ntp_stop.*

activelog syslog/ntpd.*

activelog syslog/ntp_start.*

activelog syslog/ntp_validate_servers.*

Cisco Audit Logs

activelog audit/informixauditlogs/*.*

activelog audit/AuditApp/*.*

activelog audit/vos/*.*

Netdump Logs

activelog crash/magic/*.*

Admin Sftp Backup


note: only accessible with ‘utils disaster_recovery’ commands

Admin Sftp License


note: only accessible with ‘utils disaster_recovery’ commands

Admin Sftp Restore


note: only accessible with ‘utils disaster_recovery’ commands

Admin Sftp Upgrade


note: only accessible with ‘utils disaster_recovery’ commands

TLC Temp Logs


note: only accessible with ‘utils disaster_recovery’ commands

Cisco ControlCenter CLI

activelog cm/trace/ccmservice/log4j/ccmservice.log


How to setup Extension Mobility Cross Cluster

One for the lab, but here are the Cisco docs:



  • Export certs to SFTP for all clusters that will participate
  • Consolidate certificates (Only on 1 server)
  • Import bulk certs into all clusters
  • Create a EMCC template
  • Add EMCC devices using template
  • Add SIP Trunks to all clusters – EMCC no IP defined – Full mesh
  • EMCC Feature Cfg and Intercluster Service Profile
  • Cluster View

In summary, if you had Site A and Site B, if youre home site is A and you visit B and logon using EMCC, the phone at B will register to the A cluster as if you were there, however there is a EMCC CSS used, which sends calls via the EMCC SIP Trunk to the ‘visited’ cluster and therefore calls are routed out of this cluster correctly. Slightly confusing!

Also a great video from the wonderful Vik Malhi at Collabcert:

Home Lab!

Well today I decided to get back into the lab at home and tidy up on some core UC skills and tasks. This is what I have achieved this weekend…

  • ESXi build
  • Layer 3 switch configuration to create networks for HQ Voice Servers + Voice VLAN/ESX Mgmt and also added my home PC to the switch so I can see all networks..
  • CUCM 10.5 Publisher build
  • Windows DNS Server (Lab.local forward look up zone)
  • 2 IP Phones registered (1 SCCP and 1 SIP)
  • RTMT for CUCM installed
  • Traces enabled
  • Played with CUCM traces and Translator X (Way cool!)
  • Real time traces with RTMT
  • CUC 10.5 Single Node Build
  • Integration with CUCM (Both SIP + SCCP methods)
  • MWI + Voicemail working (Had some issues with this and turned out just to be an issue with MWI not being enabled on the extension!! Doh!)

Note to self – This is the 1st time I have ever installed CUC. Was pretty much the same as CUCM…

One thing that I always notice in home labs…. installing CUCM and CUC is not a quick process. Also the time it takes for Tomcat to fully kick in is painful!