How to setup Extension Mobility Cross Cluster

One for the lab, but here are the Cisco docs:



  • Export certs to SFTP for all clusters that will participate
  • Consolidate certificates (Only on 1 server)
  • Import bulk certs into all clusters
  • Create a EMCC template
  • Add EMCC devices using template
  • Add SIP Trunks to all clusters – EMCC no IP defined – Full mesh
  • EMCC Feature Cfg and Intercluster Service Profile
  • Cluster View

In summary, if you had Site A and Site B, if youre home site is A and you visit B and logon using EMCC, the phone at B will register to the A cluster as if you were there, however there is a EMCC CSS used, which sends calls via the EMCC SIP Trunk to the ‘visited’ cluster and therefore calls are routed out of this cluster correctly. Slightly confusing!

Also a great video from the wonderful Vik Malhi at Collabcert: