CCIE R&S Theory

CCIE self-study training Phase 1 complete. It’s taken almost 6 months to re-run through the CCNP R&S material, for what is probably now the 3rd time overall, but this has proved to be an extremely valuable exercise for final preparation to step up to ‘the next level’. CCIE R&S Theory here we come! 

An update…

Getting away from all the study, I just wanted to make a note on where I am with things and where I am going next.

1. CCNP Revision is nearly finished. Just need to finish IPv6 and Route Redistribution. Another week or so.

2. I will be following this up with ‘mind maps’ for all of the SWITCH and ROUTE topics. I imagine this will take some time, but is worth the graft as they are an excellent way of remembering the massive amount of knowledge required to be an IE or strong NP.

3. Begin the CCIE Written theory. I have lots of material for this, but I think I will start with CBT Nuggets Cisco rock star Jeremy Cioara. I have already seen the chapters and it looks like a good course. As with most of the CBT material, I imagine he will teach his usual style and explain everything with analogies and drawings. 🙂 Then probably on with IP Expert or INE. The INE course looks DEEP!!


CCNP Revision – The Bryant Advantage we’re not worthy!

Just to say that all my notes for the CCNP Revision sections on this blog are either my own interpretations or direct extracts from the CCNP STUDY GUIDE series available from

No copyright infringement intended in anyway what so ever and a big shout out/thank you to Chris Bryant himself and his excellent Cisco training material, without him I wouldn’t have got my NP thats for sure.