Network Automation + Programmability: CCNA Cisco Press

Ok so in my video yesterday it was discovered the new Cisco Press materials are on the way in December this year. After taking a look around, one thing that caught my eye was around the CCNA and the new content covering automation and programmability.

To preview that is coming, here is a copy/paste of the new content from the table of contents:

Part V Network Automation 355

Chapter 16 Introduction to Controller-Based Networking 356

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 357

Foundation Topics 358

SDN and Controller-Based Networks 358

    The Data, Control, and Management Planes 358

    Controllers and Software-Defined Architecture 362

    Software Defined Architecture Summary 367

Examples of Network Programmability and SDN 367

    OpenDaylight and OpenFlow 367

    Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) 369

    Cisco APIC Enterprise Module 373

    Summary of the SDN Examples 375

Comparing Traditional Versus Controller-Based Networks 375

    How Automation Impacts Network Management 376

    Comparing Traditional Networks with Controller-Based Networks 378

Chapter Review 379

Chapter 17 Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA) 382

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 383

Foundation Topics 384

SDA Fabric, Underlay, and Overlay 384

    The SDA Underlay 386

    The SDA Overlay 390

DNA Center and SDA Operation 395

    Cisco DNA Center 395

    Cisco DNA Center and Scalable Groups 396

DNA Center as a Network Management Platform 400

    DNA Center Similarities to Traditional Management 401

    DNA Center Differences with Traditional Management 402

Chapter Review 403

Chapter 18 Understanding REST and JSON 406

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 406

Foundation Topics 408

REST-Based APIs 408

    REST-Based (RESTful) APIs 408

    Background: Data and Variables 410

    REST APIs and HTTP 413

    Example of REST API Call to DNA Center 417

Data Serialization and JSON 418

    The Need for a Data Model with APIs 419

    Data Serialization Languages 421

    Interpreting JSON 423

Chapter Review 427

Chapter 19 Understanding Ansible, Puppet, and Chef 428

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 428

Foundation Topics 430

Device Configuration Challenges and Solutions 430

    Configuration Drift 430

    Centralized Configuration Files and Version Control 431

    Configuration Monitoring and Enforcement 433

    Configuration Provisioning 434

Ansible, Puppet, and Chef Basics 438

    Ansible 438

    Puppet 440

    Chef 441

    Summary of Configuration Management Tools 442

Here is the link to the new CCNA Cisco Press book available December 27th 2019:

Also all the other new Cisco Press material for next year: