QoS – 642-642 Training: The Modular QoS CLI Building Blocks

QoS with the MQC

Class Maps and Policy Maps..

Hierarchical Concept

Previously QoS was done under each interface, which was time consuming and processor intensive on the hardware.

Template can be setup with Class and Policy maps as aposed to commands over and over on each interface.

1. Create Class Map – Identify traffic

2. Create Policy Map – Do things to traffic

1 Policy for incoming and 1 Policy for outgoing

ConfigurationΒ using the MQC

‘traffic’ – shows interface and all protocols, input and output stats.

1. Create Class Map

class-map web-traffic

match protocol httpΒ (lots of options!)

match packet length minimum min 400 max 600

(Verify with ‘show class-map‘)

Will always match-all criteria unless specified!

Alternate is match-any to do exactly that. πŸ™‚

class-default = default class will match ANY traffic/catch all concept

2. Create Policy Map

policy-map LIMIT_HTTP

class web-traffic

? Lots of options once again… what are we going to do?

police 500000 (BPS)

*Policing Β = dropping/Shaping = ‘softer’ will queue as apposed to dropping

**1 policy map can apply to many classes**

**1 policy can be applied per interface, per direction**

3. Apply policy to interface

Under interface:

service-policy input/output (direction of traffic flow)

service-policy input POLICY NAME

Thats it! πŸ™‚