642-642 QOS VIDEO TRAINING: Proactive QoS Tapping the features of SAA

642-642 QOS VIDEO TRAINING: Proactive QoS Tapping the features of SAA


**SAA has been replaced with IP SLA**

Cisco Service Assurance Agent (SAA)

Generates synthetic traffic…

Simulates typical types of network traffic

Tracks response times

Acts on SAA feedback (In some cases…)

Previously called Router Time Reporter (RTR)

Configuring SAA

conf t

rtr (Entry Number)

*Other  side has to be set as a rtr responder

rt 100 type http (example operation, can be more granular)

tcpConnect can be used for just about any TCP application

type tcpConnect dest-ipaddr dest-port 80 (can also set source options)

Once in this cfg mode you can configure further characteristics of this protocol.

On another side/responder…

conf t

rtr responder type ?

conf t

rtr schedule 100 start-time now life forever

rtr reaction-configuration 100 react ?

How to view stats

show rtr ?

show rtr collection-statistics 100

Voice specifics with SAA

AVBO – Cisco Advanced Voice Busy Out

Allows proactive responses to SAA feedback.

Configured on a voice port basis.

Tested/taught more in CVOICE – CCNP Voice..

Can simulate CODEC types to be tested. If probes do not return a good response, the port can be shut automatically.

busyout monitor probe codec g729ar8 loss 2 (exceeds 2) delay 150