UCCX – 1 – Overview + Packaging


CCX is a Linux Based Appliance

Deployed with CUCM and CUCMBE

8.x onwards Linux based not Windows

Available in 3 different packages – Standard, Enhanced and Premium


Inbound Voice

Outbound Voice (Premium License?) Preview Dialling (CAD) Agent can choose wether to answer call. Predictive + Progressive Dialling (Agent must answer call!) With Progressive Admin can choose number of lines?

Inbound Web Chat – Users to initiate a chat with the agent, same server as Inbound. Need a separate server with Cisco Social Minor.

Reporting – Historical Reporting, Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting (CUIC – v9 onwards)

Call Recording + Monitoring

Cisco Compliance Recording (CR), Quality Manager (QM) and Advanced Quality Manager (AQM) (Call Recording + Screen Recording with Premium) **This requires a dedicated server**

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 10.6 Feature Availability with Cisco Unified Communications Manager http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/customer-collaboration/unified-contact-center-express/index.html


9.x various by feature

All packaging is per user with the exception of the Inbound Voice Availability server software option

2 types of licensing:

Concurrent Licensing – Customer has 3 shifts each of 100 users for a total of 300 unique users. Customer requires 100 licenses.

Named User – Customer has 3 shifts of 100 users for a total of 300 unique users. Customer needs to purchase 300 licenses. Named User license is assigned to Supervisor or Agent.

Why do we need 2 different licensing types?

Licensing by Feature

  • Inbound Voice Non-HA – Concurrent
  • Inbound Voice HA – Server Software Option
  • Outbound IVR – Concurrent
  • Call Recording – Named User
  • Quality Management – Named User
  • Advanced Quality Management – Named User
  • Workforce Management – Named User